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Name:【rock doves】
Birthdate:Feb 15
Location:California, United States of America

148km @ lj, tbh that profile is about 4236748214x more comprehensible so I would just look at that if I were you...

3rd Line Butterfly   9mm Parabellum Bullet   abingdon boys school   alice nine. / アリス九號.   An Cafe / アンティック-珈琲店-   Angelo   ANUBIS   ART-SCHOOL   ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION   Bluedawn / 푸른새벽   the brilliant green   BUCK-TICK   Bulldog Mansion   Café Tacuba   Cherry Filter   Cloud Cuckoo Land   The Constantines   Cool Age   D=OUT / DOUBT / ダウト   Danny Elfman   Dear Cloud   The Decemberists   Deli Spice   Donawhale   The Dresden Dolls   DrugMoney   ELLEGARDEN   Elliott Smith   Ensoku / えんそく   Et tu, Broccoli / 브로콜리 너마저   Fanta Zero Coaster / ファンタ・ゼロ・コースター   Flake Music   The Geraldine Fibbers   GLACIER   HERO   Hey   HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR   Huckleberry Finn   Incubus   Janne Da Arc   Jaejooboys / 재주소년 / 才洲少年   Jaurim / 자우림 / 紫雨林     Kazoku / 華族   THE KIDDIE   Kim Yuna / 김윤아   Kirito / キリト   Kiyoharu / 清春   LM.C   Lucid Fall   Mary Story / 마리서사   Megamasso / メガマソ   Mellow Park   雅-miyavi-   Monni / 몽니   Mot   My Aunt Mary   MUCC / ムック   Nell   Nosowska   NUMBER GIRL   ONE OK ROCK   Ootsuka Ai / 大塚愛   peterpan complex   PIERROT   the pillows   Plastic Tree   Poitrine / ポワトリン   polyABC   Queens Of The Stone Age   R-16   RADWIMPS   Rika / 리카   Rogue Wave   Ryan Adams   Sakamoto Maaya / 坂本真綾   Seo Taiji / 서태지   Shiina Ringo / 椎名林檎   The Shins   Shounen Knife / 少年ナイフ   Sister's Barbershop / 언니네 이발관   Spoon   The Strokes   SuG   Suga Shikao / スガシカオ   Sugimoto Yoshinori / 杉本善徳   Tegan & Sara   Thomas Cook   The Tokyo Incidents / 東京事変   UVERworld   Vanilla Unity   vistlip   Vodka Rain   Waive   Wilco   Yeah Yeah Yeahs   Younha / ユンナ / 윤하   Zitten / 짙은   Zoro / ゾロ
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